Breast Lift Surgery

Time takes its toll on a woman’s breasts, as a result of pregnancies, breast feeding, weight loss, aging of the skin and the thinning of the breast’s fatty tissue. These physiological fluctuations are likely to cause the breasts to sag and lose their beautiful appearance. Breast lift surgery that is performed in a professional manner is like ‘stepping back in time’ and can restore the beauty of your breasts, leaving them pert and taut, just as they were before time left its mark. In contrast with the methods of the past in which only the breast skin was used, modern day breast lifts are based on the creation of a foundation built from the breast tissue. This foundation allows us to create support for the breast that will last over time.

Preparation for Breast Lift Surgery

Before breast lift surgery, there is a comprehensive consultation at the clinic to discuss your expectations of the surgery and the results expected following the procedure. During the examination, we will discuss the options available to you and try to understand what your desired result is and whether it is attainable. The examination will include a test of your compatibility to this surgery that includes an illustration of the final result using implant samples. Not every candidate for breast lift surgery can achieve the result she dreamed of. Therefore, there are cases in which it is best not to have the surgery due to a lack of compatibility or unrealistic expectations. The examination is offered free of charge and with no obligation on your part. To schedule an appointment: click here

Course of the Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery or mastopexia is one of the most complex surgeries in field of plastic surgery.

In addition to the fact that this is a surgery performed under general anesthesia, in most cases, breast lift surgery requires the execution of two relatively complex steps at the very same time. In order to reach a perfect result, it is vital to stretch the breast tissue in order for the breast to be firm, and in some cases, implants are inserted to cause the breast skin to become more taut and full. In certain cases, when the breasts sag but are full, implants may be avoided, but each case must be considered individually in order to achieve the optimal result.

It’s important to note that the insertion of the implants alone will not lift the breasts. On the contrary, the implants increase the burden on the breast tissue and accelerate the sagging process. Therefore, in the case of sagging breasts, it is recommended to perform a breast lift rather than breast enlargement.

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Recovery from the Surgery

A breast lift surgery does not require hospitalization, and in most cases, you will be released from the hospital on the same day. Usually, a day or two following the surgery, you will be allowed to shower and resume your regular activity. However, we recommend that you take a few days off in order to let your body heal and to avoid any unnecessary activity that may cause pain.

During the entire recovery period, patients may contact us through our ‘hot line’ for questions and we are always happy to offer consultation and help with any problem that arises.

A month after the surgery

About one month after the surgery, we will remove the bandages. At this stage, you can begin to enjoy the sense of self confidence that your new pert breasts provide you, you can go to the lingerie shop to ‘update your collection’ and air out the dresses that you stopped wearing.

At the Tel Aviv Institute for Plastic Surgery, we understand that the final result is the most important thing for you. Our many years of experiences and hundreds of satisfied patients alongside our uncompromising insistence upon safeguarding your health, enable us to offer you the highest level of treatment.

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